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Exodus: Piccadilly Circus, London
Exodus. City Hall, London Exodus. Piccadilly Circus, London Exodus. Trafalgar Square, London Exodus. Westminster, London Exodus. City Hall, Nottingham

The work represents the apocalyptic theme that is currently prevalent in our media which has been brought about by events such as an increase in the threat of terrorism and several outbreaks of pandemics in recent years. The apocalyptic theme has been portrayed in films such as I Am Legend and 28 Days Later which feature desolate landscapes within our most busy and famous cities.

I have extended this concept to allow the viewer to enter a world in which they are unable to participate in. A world in which an incident has taken place which has resulted in a mass exodus of people and we are left to see the aftermath of this in our cities. These images are of the busiest areas in our cities and yet no one is around which conjures up many questions as to what may be happening.

These empty cityscapes have been produced by a combination of photographing over 100 images of a scene using long exposures and afterwards combining all these images to produce mysteriously empty streets. The use of the panoramic format is to mimic the natural wide view we see in everyday life and help the viewer engulf themselves in the images.


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